For The Blind is a mixed media brand that tangibly fuses braille within photos. Justin Frazier's initial goal was just to learn a new language but that turned into so much more. Justin is a visual artist working within the mediums of photography, cinematography, and creative direction. The idea was sparked, while assisting on set of a Stevie Wonder shoot, after a friend/colleague mentioned gifting Stevie something in braille. From using plain paper to discovering how to manipulate printed images without breaking the ink, a unique lane was created.

All pieces are handmade and meant to be touched. 

Standard pieces are limited editions.

Commissioned pieces are 1 of 1.

The whole point is to see things a bit clearer. The only way to do that is to touch it. Everyone’s “it” is different, but if you touch it, you’ll see it better. 

For commissioned artwork:

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